Main Purpose -
Aim of our academy is to providing a better platform to those students who are born to dance. Our mission is to instill a great love of dance while inspiring self confidence, discipline and respect of performing art. We also provide free dance classes to those children who cannot afford fees, and reaching out underprivilaged children and empowering them, creating a future of self-sufficiency setting an example that will act as an inspiration for others to support the cause.

Meet Our teachers

Goals and objectives

Create brave and inviting spaces for students.

  • Sustain attention to imparting program ethos through all aspects of the program including, students, faculty, guest artists, and parents/guardians.
  • Cultivate an environment of expectation, rather than hesitation, when addressing instances and systems of inequality.
  • Model excellence in leadership, participation, and reflection. 

Engage critical studies of the histories of dance, theatre and performance.

  • Learn the vocabulary and practice methods of respectful evaluation and generative critique.
  • Pursue creative and scholarly research with a nuanced understanding of cultural context.
  • Demonstrate clear and effective academic writing in the field.

Strengthen creative skill through the creative process of making

  • Apply a variety of criteria, aesthetics, and approaches to the understanding and valuing of dance making and performing.
  • Practice collaboration within the creative process.
  • Create unique, challenging and diverse performances to share them with our community.

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